Featured Madison Condo: Pinckney Place

Pinckney Place condo downtown madison

Even long time Madison veterans and the hippest of the hip haven’t heard of this little-known gem in the heart of Madison’s downtown. The Pinckney Place condos are perfect for discerning homeowners who crave a lavish oasis in the center of the action. Homeowners young and old will adore the spacious rooms, stunning views, and…

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Top things to look for when house shopping!

If you’re thinking about buying a new (or old!) home, our list of the “Top Things to Look for When Buying a Home” can help to get your search off to the right start. While the number of rooms, condition of the kitchen, and size of the yard are important, there are other things to…

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Forward Home Sales in 2011

Forward Homes Sales in 2011

 I have always been a very visual person.  Not sure if that is because I am often times distracted by the bright shiny thing in the room or if I am just a geek sometimes.  This map is just another fun way to show you what we are up to at Forward Realty Group.  Often…

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Lake Monona Home Sales

YTD Lake Monona Home Sales

Lake Monona home sales have decreased year to date by nearly 57%.  Prices are down by close to 18% and now with interest rates hovering at 4.5%, economists are telling us that 2011 is the time to buy!  The graphic below will show you what Lake Monona home sales are doing. Have you considered purchasing…

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